21:11 04-01-2017
Ook mijn vader heeft Fukuoka 6-B overleefd. Hij heeft nooit iets verteld over zijn KNIL verleden en de verschrikkingen onder de Jappen. Mede dankzij jouw verhaal en dat van lotgenoten,
krijg ik een beeld van dat verleden. Met dank en respect, André Douma
15:34 03-11-2016
Mijn vader Jo(hannes) Spoelstra zat ook in Fukuoka 6B. Ik ben zijn leven aan het reconstrueren. Ik herken en ontdek in bovenstaand verhaal.
Dank je wel. Zie je spoedig in Bronbeek.
10:42 20-01-2016
Contact Beryl James,
10:40 20-01-2016
My late father Herman Spruijt was a prisoner at Fukuoka 6. I do not have any information of the camp, but have several photographs of his time in the repatriation camp in the Phillipines if any one is interested, I am happy to forward scans. Please contact via email address above.
14:37 03-09-2015
14:35 03-09-2015
Thank you so much for posting your father's story as a POW of the Japanese. My dad also was a POW like yours and had to paint to keep sane, mainly the opposite of what he saw, to give him and his mates something to smile at and to give hope.
You too are an artist and I like your video of painting the guitar.
Dad's art has been in a cupboard for 70 years and we too have made a webpage so others can view his over 300 paintings at please share with others and enjoy. He was not a trained artist but after the war went to artschool and taught art for the rest of his life.
Brave men our fathers!!
20:35 07-08-2014
The Story Songs Teaser
08:14 06-08-2014
Hoop dat je CD meer PR krijgt,, tis echt een CD met kippevel songs

Mijn compliment Ron, je teksten zijn echt emotie, echt leven,
ik hoop dat ik een keer bij een live concert kan zijn,sing and play on Ron

Thumbs up voor The Story Songs

Groet Theo
13:54 12-06-2014
Gefeliciteerd met je pracht cd The Story Songs.
14:40 14-03-2014
You make beautiful Songs and music
06:33 11-01-2014
Fijn om te zien en te horen dat je lekker intensief met je doorleefd stemgeluid en muziek bezig bent. Ga door en geef nooit op!!!
10:08 19-07-2013
Dear mister,
I red your story.Very interesting!My father was also a prisoner of war by the Japanese.He died in 1942 at changi jail(Singapore).
My stepfather went to the Japanese cole mines.He survived.
Wish you all the best,wih great respect, Hett Huisman.
01:31 10-07-2013
I read with interest and emotion the story of your father. I have great admiration for him and his POW mates and their ability to overcome the very terrible tribulations they suffered. Thanks for all the work that you did in putting together this website and writing your father's story.
I am seeking information about my uncle, Hijlke Hoogeveen who was also in the KNIL and who was a POW in the camps of Burma and Thailand.
11:49 02-06-2013
Thanks for sharing your story which is very similar to that of my father.
He was taken by the same ship Hawaii Maru, but he was in Hiroshima #2 camp, and worked in the copper mines there.
14:37 30-05-2013
Hi, I was very moved and interested to read your very comprehensive research. I am also in the process of finding details of my father who was also in the KNIL and sent to Osaka internment cap. I myself was born in Lampersari interment camp in Semarang with my mother and siblings. Unfortunately my father never wanted to speak about the war.
But I know that he too was sent to Manila for rehabilitation and after that he went to Balikpapan. Fortunately our whole family was reunited there. If you have any further information of what the KNIL did in Balikpapan I would be grateful to hear from you. With thanks and kind regards, Philip
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